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Does your company lease any cars or vans?

Ever had to pay expensive end of lease charges?

You may wish to read on...

When your company car or van comes to the end of the lease term, if you choose not to purchase it, it normally will be returned to the lease company or is sent to an auction house for re-sale.

With the price of used vehicles decreasing all the time, lease companies are looking to get an optimum price. This means that the vehicle is expected to be in as good a condition as possible. We know from experience that many lease companies will now look to charge the hirer; this is you, for any internal or external damage or poor condition not deemed to be fair wear and tear. This is their way of minimising any shortfall at auction if a top price cannot be sustained because of the vehicle's condition.

These charges often exceed several hundred pounds

We think we now have the answer to this with our DFP service. It is designed to help minimise the risk of incurring these charges. We cannot guarantee that we can eliminate them completely, but as we lease our own company courtesy cars, we know what is generally accepted, and we will do our very best to make sure that charges are minimal, if any at all.

Some vehicles will just need a tidy up and clean, and some will need a more sustained approach. We will discuss with you what we feel to be appropriate in each case. We can also remove any trace of vehicle graphics and return vans to the original paint colour.

It will cost you nothing at all to let us view the car or van and we will give you a firm quotation so that you know what's involved.

Don't get caught out, end of lease charges will apply when the vehicle is collected from you.

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