Advice & FAQ

How long will my repair take?

Repairs can vary from a day repair to a few weeks, depending on the damage to your vehicle. Customers will be advised of the timeframe needed when Reception contacts you to book your vehicle in for repairs. Reception will only book your vehicle in once your insurer has authorised the repair.

Please note: It is the responsibility of your insurer to let you know the repair has been authorised.


Can my repair run over the expected completion date?

Yes, sometimes we may need to change the estimated completion dates of your repair. This can be due to many factors including receiving damaged parts, staff sickness and any additional damage that is discovered - this will need to be authorised by your insurer. Reception will call you once repairs are complete; you can then arrange collection.


Will I get a courtesy car through the duration of my repair?

Insurance - Only if a courtesy car is on your insurance policy. MG Kerry do not offer a like-for-like courtesy car. If you have a like-for-like on your insurance policy, please contact your insurer.

Private repair - A courtesy car can be arranged at a cost of £25 per day.


What type of courtesy car will I receive during my repair?

All our cars are typically Hyundai, Peugeot or Citroën. All courtesy cars are 5 doors and have the ISOFIX for child seats.


What happens if I have an accident in the courtesy car?

If you have an accident or damage the courtesy car, you need to either make a claim with your insurer or pay privately for the repair to be done. If you make a claim through your insurer and you have an excess, you may have to pay the excess again.

***Our courtesy cars need to be brought back in the same condition they went out with the fuel at the same level at which it left us. If any cracks occur in the windscreen or any punctures occur in the tyres whilst you have the courtesy car, it is your responsibility to repair it before the courtesy car is returned. You will get a copy of the courtesy car form for your records when your vehicle arrives for repair.


What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim on your insurance policy. This is a pre-agreed amount with your insurer when you initially take out the policy on your vehicle.


When will I pay my excess? Will my excess be waived?

MG Kerry will take your payment when you drop your vehicle off for repair.

***MG Kerry can’t release your vehicle to you until your excess has been paid. Sometimes your insurer will waive the excess on your policy. If this is the case you will not have to pay it, or if you have already paid the excess, it will be refunded to you. Your insurer must send MG Kerry a confirmation email of the excess being waived.



If you are a VAT registered business, you will be asked to pay the VAT element of the repair when the repairs are complete. You can claim the VAT back in the normal manner.


Will my vehicle be valeted at the end of my repair?

Your vehicle will recieve a courtesy clean, M G Kerry do not provide a valeting service for repairs.